3Commas API Plugin For TradingView

3Commas is a cryptocurrency exchange that uses API keys to connect with other exchanges. These API keys are not stored on 3Commas’ servers and state-of-the-art security measures ensure the safety of your data. You should never give out your API key to other exchanges to withdraw money. The only money you ever store on 3Commas is the profit you make on the exchange. Moreover, you will never have to worry about storing your money on 3Commas’ servers.


This plugin allows you to create custom signals using the TradingView platform. The 3Commas bot is able to receive signals from the TradingView platform and add to a position when a candle crosses a white resistance line. You can adjust the parameters to increase the profit ratio while minimizing potential losses. Once configured, 3Commas will begin receiving signals and start making profits. Its support team is available for questions or problems.

The software also integrates with the TradingView platform for custom automated trading strategies. Users are given a wealth of customizable settings. They can choose which strategies and indicators to use and when they want to exit. Traders can set a strategy and execute orders using the 3Commas bot. Traders have the option to set the exit strategy, the number of orders, and the profit goal. These settings can be customized for the bot.

TradingView algorithm


The third-party API providers for TradingView are increasing in popularity, and many traders are turning to automated trading to create strategies that can generate more profits for them. These API providers offer several levels of customization for their platforms, including an opportunity to add layers of custom code. These providers have recently updated their previously published simulated 3 commas DCA logic, which includes the default parameters. Users can tweak these parameters and customize their strategies to suit their trading styles and goals.

To make a signal based on two indicators, copy the text from the alert message. Copy the text and paste it into the “Message for signal to start a deal” field. If you’re using the Composite bot, you can also change the RSI and Stochastic signals to make it a two-way signal. Once the two-way signals are copied, you’ll need to edit the message to specify which pair you’d like to track.

TradingView grid bot

The GRID bot and Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) bot are default automated trading options. These bots simply buy and sell at predetermined levels, using simple logic and little complexity. If you’re looking for more control, you can connect TradingView and 3Commas to plot indicators and set alarms. Moreover, 3Commas is able to execute custom trading strategies.

Compared to the Gordon and Wizard bots, the Advanced bot provides more customization and flexibility. It can open and close several trading pairs at the same time, without locking up funds. This means you can have as many as ten trading pairs open at any given time, without worrying about losing too much money. 3Commas has an advanced feature called Smart Trade, which is a trading dashboard on steroids. As of writing, the TradingView grid bot is still in beta mode, but it is already adjusting itself to market conditions and is capable of being super efficient.