Learning and Accessing Internet Safely

Internet becomes media for many purposes. Now, kids also use the internet as the media for them to learn. In this case, they are able to gain many kinds of information and knowledge easily. On the other hands, they are also able to gain access for entertainment. They are able to watch movies and videos and even play games. This surely becomes access for many things. However, there are also risks on the other sides of its benefits. This is what become concerns of parents who give their kids access for the internet. There are cases of cyber-bullying, and it is no longer light issues anymore. The bullying through internet even gives serious impacts, and trauma or depressions become something common to find nowadays. In this case, of course parents always want to protect their kids in accessing internet. At least, you want to prevent their kids to get exposed to these problems. In this case, in term of learning, there is Lido as the option of safe way in learning. Lido also specifically provides nice video in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6afcunqDmJw. This video is interesting since it is about how to protect the kids and provide child cyber security.

Cyber Security

It is true that kids should be protected from these cyber problems. It is not only for kids, even adults can also face the problems in accessing the internet. In this case, cyber security can become the solution. When it talks about this security, some people may think that they have to install additional apps or plugins that will be able to provide extra protection. This can be true, but it is also not limited to this solution. Basically, the cyber security is about the privacy protection. This becomes serious issues since now privacy and personal data, or information can be easily obtained when people are not careful enough in accessing the internet. When the information is exposed, there is high chance that this will be abused, and it will lead to something serious. When it is about adults, at least they have better mind to handle this issue. However, kids are still fragile, and this becomes risky. That is why it is necessary to provide the better security. Of course, having additional apps can be helpful, but it is not the only option. In this case, parents play important roles to prevent the problems to happen. What they need to do is to accompany and tell their kids about the essence of using the internet. From the beginning, parents should give understanding about how to use it, and tell them about the goal of using it. Kids should know why they want to access the internet, and it is safer for parents to know what the kids are doing.

Lido Learning

Avoiding Strangers

In the internet, all people can be connected easily. They can be connected through the social media platforms, and there are also access of discords and other ways. When kids play games, they also can know new people or friends. When they are good people, of course this is something good. However, sometimes there are also bad influences coming from the online friends. There can be strangers suddenly adding them as friend, but they do not give something good. There have been many cases in which the kids get various bullying through the chats and comments. Even when kids play games, many bad words are typed, and these can make the kids down. In this case, it is better to let the kids know about the dangers of having strangers as friend. Stranger can easily get connected through the internet, and sometimes they only bring bad influence. It is safer to tell the kids so they will avoid these people. Even if they want to have new friends, at least they know the mutual friends. This can be safer way.

Lido Learning as Prevention

Facing many risks that may be faced by kids, Lido Learning comes with the solution. Lido becomes the online platform for kids to learn as what they learn at school. They can get all materials from various subjects from the platform. However, the services are not only limited to the learning materials. There are also good teachers who will accompany the kids. In each class, there will be only six students, so this will give intensive learning, and teacher can be optimal in teaching and guiding the kids. Regarding the cyber security and safety, Lido really knows the problems. That is why the platform provides only the best teachers. The teachers are certified, and they are properly tested to know that they will teach things well for the kids. In term of personal information and data, Lido will surely secure the information, so there will be no leaked data that will be abused by other party. This becomes the effective way for parents in helping kids, so they can learn comfortably without any risks.